ABAN / LAN Investor Bootcamp


Lagos kicked off the Series of Angel Investor Bootcamps leading up to the ABAN Investor Summit at DEMO Africa. The Bootcamps are organised by the newly founded African Business Angel Network (ABAN) in partnership with VC4Africa, US State Department, Intercontinental Trust and the LIONS Africa Partnership. The Lagos edition was hosted together with the Lagos Angels Network (LAN) and Lagos Startup Week.

At the Lagos Oriental Hotel an audience of both experienced as well as aspiring angel investors gathered to share best practices and learn from local and international angel investors. It has been very inspiring to experience the intrinsic motivation of all these individuals to turn angel investing into a more structured asset class on the African continent.

In an interactive masterclass Candace Johnson, President of the European Business Angel Network – an organization representing 20.000 angel investors – shared her story with the involved audience. Her best practices and way of thinking inspired us all to think big. On her first question about who has made investments the large majority of the attendants raised their hands. Interestingly not only in Lagos but also in other cities like Abuja where new angel networks are coming together.


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