Membership Overview

LAN is a non-profit organization whose members must be “accredited investors”.

Affiliate Profile

  • Foreign individuals, corporations and domestic nonprofits
  • In general compliance with Nigerian Laws
  • Pledge commitment in cash or kind
  • Willing to commit name, brand & assistance to LAN

Membership Benefits

  • The opportunity to view investment presentations from high quality, pre-screened, early stage companies.
  • Access to an exclusive, Members-only, password-protected web site, with additional information on companies in various stages of LANs deal-flow process and other information for Lagos-based angel investors.
  • Access to small and focused educational events that enhance their knowledge of various aspects of the early-stage private equity process.
  • The opportunity to form relationships and share business opportunities with other successful early-stage investors through various social events.

For more information regarding membership or for an application to join, please contact our Secretariat using

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