Membership Overview

LAN receives support from select, Lagos-based service providers, both on a cash and pro-bono basis. Although LAN is supported in large part by Member contributions, we depend on additional support from sponsors, to supplement our growth. Recognizing the importance of this support, we strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our sponsors, by allowing them opportunities to interact with both our Members and our applicant companies. In addition, all of our sponsors are actively involved in working with young, Lagos-based, companies.

Sponsor Profile

  • Related corporate entity based in Nigeria
  • Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a for-profit entity
  • Tax compliant with tax clearance certificate
  • Pay a flat annual membership fee

Membership Benefits

  • The opportunity to view investment presentations from high quality, pre-screened, early stage companies.
  • Access to an exclusive, Members-only, password-protected web site, with additional information on companies in various stages of LANs deal-flow process and other information for Lagos-based angel investors.
  • Access to small and focused educational events that enhance their knowledge of various aspects of the early-stage private equity process.
  • The opportunity to form relationships and share business opportunities with other successful early-stage investors through various social events.

For more information regarding membership or for an application to join, please contact our Secretariat using  secretariat@lagosangelnetwork.net.

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