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A Report on The MediaTech Industry in Africa

This report aims to expose just how much opportunity there is, inform investors of the current trends, and draw near-term market comparables from sister Regions.



Sectors Angels Should Watch Out For in the Nigerian Technology Ecosystem

Angel Investors often face the uphill task of determining where to focus their investments. With so many sectors to choose from, deciding which ones offer the most potential for growth can take time. However, by identifying sectors likely to experience strong growth in the coming years, investors


Portfolio Construction for Angel Investors

In a world as eventful as we see today, investing has never been so exciting/excruciating. An angel could easily be on the right or wrong side of any given investment, depending on their luck or (more dependable) insight. However, because they invest their own money,

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African Angel Investors and Cryptocurrency Investments

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them have been around for a while. Unfortunately, a proper understanding of crypto and its use cases often elude angels partly because cryptocurrency trading became mainstream and many lost their savings. 

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An Introduction to Angel Investing

Angel investing is a type of equity financing where an individual, known as an angel investor, invests capital in a start-up or early-stage company in exchange for equity ownership. Angel investors typically invest in companies that have high potential at their very early stages mainly because of the idea that the company has, the kind of problem they are solving,


Disruptive Innovation in Africa

As we prepare for our Cohort coming up in a week, LAN will only be funding startups that show the potential to be truly disruptive in Africa. So we decided to write a long form article on what African disruption looks like. Innovation and disruptive innovation are common buzzwords in the startup ecosystem, often used without a clear understanding of their meaning.

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Retail Lending in Nigeria

The financial sector in Nigeria is grappling with a significant hurdle in offering retail and SME lending services as access to credit facilities by this segment from major financial institutions could be better. According to a report released by EFINA in 2021, only a tiny percentage of the population, approximately 3%, can access such credit facilities.  

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Advantages Angel Investors Have Over VC Fund Managers

While we know that investment professionals have expertise and lots of resources, many angel investors may not be aware that there are some advantages to being small and nimble in the investment world. This isn’t a post to discredit VC fund managers as they have a lot of advantages when it comes to making

A Report on The MediaTech Industry in Africa

A Report on The MediaTech Industry in Africa